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About Plant

Our production facility is a fusion between old and new technology. We have both, CNC and semi automatic grinding machines working side by side in our plant. Ongoing technical trainings and use of modern equipments are few necessary steps we have taken to ensure manufacturing of quality products. With one of our major strengths - flexible manufacturing system, small batch size is not a constraint for us. We see them as opportunities to cater to niche markets.

Our product range consists of all kinds of bearings and components up to 700 mm. outside diameter

Soft Machines

CNC Soft Machining


Assembly Section

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is the most critical process having direct correlation with the optimal life of bearings. Therefore, at MAX, we are using modern technology for hardening of bearing components. We have heat treatment facilities for through hardening as well as case carburizing. We have installed Mesibus SCADA system to ensure that the hardening is achieved following specific heat treatment cycles.

  • Shaker hearth furnaces with controlled atmosphere
  • Continuous pit type furnaces
  • Salt bath furnaces
  • Sub-zero treatment plant

Grinding Machines

We have installed CNC and semi automatic internal grinding machines with capacity up to 450 mm. bore diameter and external grinding machines with capacity up to 600 mm. outside diameter. At MAX, we have a team of professionals responsible for retrofitting conventional machines. This enables us to implement modern technology into old machines.

Super Finishing Machines

Super finishing process is important for bearing components for achieving specific profiles and surface finish on the functional surfaces. At MAX, we super finish raceways, rolling elements, and other contact surfaces to achieve specific profiles and achieve defined surface finish.